Reynald Jumel is born in 1947, in Atlantic Pyrenees, in an Italian mother and of a Parisian father. Very early led to travel, in part the geographical distance of its family, its taste for picture develops progressively, and it is in 10 years when his parents give him his first camera Voiglander bought in Germany in 1957.
His schooling allows him to discover the photographic printing in "black and white", within the club photograph of its secondary school in Pau. Passion will not leave it any more even if he makes the choice not to make his job.
Its professional career in the middle of Youth, Sports and Culture will lead it during more than 30 years, towards different destinations as part of French Collaboration to Maghreb, in Black Africa and in Indian Ocean. His passion for the photograph will so be reinforced, in the contact of the various civilizations met in this splendid continent. 

Sahara will become its favourite and privileged ground of time or it was still easy to venture there!!!
His first exhibitions will be organized in the Africain French Cultural Centres and Alliances: Cotonou (Benin), Brazzaville (Congo), Bissau (Guinea Bissau), Dakar (Senegal) and the Island of Meeting.

In collaboration with his friend Bernard one-eyed man, edition of one pound-poem on Sahara is hired, further to meeting in 1987, with huge Saharan Theodore Monod who will honour the work of a splendid preface.

Having cleared of her professional functions today, Reynald Jumel always dedicates himself to the photograph, in the various trips but also in the new passion: the "Mountain".